About Chapnology

Who are we?

Chapnology is a UK (Sheffield) based online store run by Liam Chappell. With over 5 years combined experience in the industry and 10 years working in retail. We strive to offer the best prices on all products and accessories by constantly looking at ways to improve our service to you.

Where are we located?

We are an online-only store so have no physical brick and mortar shops (YET) but we dispatch all our items from our office in Sheffield (South Yorkshire). We offer local collection.

How did we start?

We started off as freelance website developers while working full-time jobs at a bakery in Sheffield (South Yorkshire), (Fletchers Bakery for the locals!) but we never really felt life in what we were doing. We never seized to complain about our present jobs, and how we had always planned on doing something we really loved; something that will benefit people and would also let us spend more time with our families. 

After a few years of doing web development we decided to start selling products on eBay and after a while it become very popular, during that time we gained a lot of experience in customer service, logistics and ordering stock from suppliers both in the UK and overseas. In this time we realised our passion was with providing a service to the public and making peoples lives that little bit easier.

How are we able to remain competitive?

Well the main reasons we are able to remain so competitive is because of our overheads. We have nearly none. Where as traditional shops and websites have staff to pay, business rates on a property and then rental, electric etc etc it can become a very hefty markup required to remain profitable. here are some of the main reasons below:

- We work from home we have none of the above to pay! which can be a very large saving to the customer.

- We designed, created and built the website ourselves from scratch so have no website designer and hosting company to pay out to.

- Website hosting, we host the website from our own private server which we used in our web design days. (This is an added bonus for customer security as all data is not on a shared drive which is at risk of being hacked)

- We have previous experience in finding the right courier to deliver your items at a very reasonable price.

- Any maintenance and repairs on the website are done by ourselves.

- We have years experience of dealing with people from overseas and the UK so we have a sharp eye for sussing out phoney companies which mean you will only get genuine products from us.